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Members - Confidential List

Members - Confidential List

A Secure Space for Members to Access and Share Confidential Information within the Philatelic Community

Confidential List

To view the matters that have been raised and are under review or noted as advice to Members Click here. To raise a matter for review by the Confidential List Officer please complete the Confidential List Report.  You can send a copy to yourself by entering your email address in the email address box. When you press “Submit to Confidential List Officer”, the form is sent to a confidential email account accessible only by the Confidential List Officer.

Confidential List Report

CONFIDENTIAL – FOR MEMBERS ONLY Form BL-22 – Confidential List Report Form.  Amended December 2018

This form is provided to assist you to submit your complaint/report of unethical / illegal behaviour that you have experienced. For more information you are advised to read By-Law BL009 of the IPDA Constitution that you may find on the IPDA web site.

Confidential Reports

1. Information received from IPDA member Reference Fernanda Pereira; ebay ID fersiro55. Fernanda Pereira R. Portela, 9 Murtede Murtede 3060-409 Portugal Summary : Codes A1: Customer keeps stamps ordered and received without paying for them Code F1: Purchases remain unpaid. Members are warned to exercise caution when dealing with this offender Please note that this report is for MEMBERS ONLY and may not be shared with non-members. Jerry Derr, Director USA
2. Customer provides extremely unreasonable and inaccurate feedback – Customer was sent an order with one stamp missing and advised of the missing stamp with appropriate recompense and apology – a $0.15c purchase – and left 13 Negative feedbacks including untrue statement without making contact with seller. Members are advised customer behaviour may be unreasonable and should be aware if they have dealings with this individual – details Stephen Fitzer 1400 Summerville Ave., Columbia, South Carolina, 29201-1930, United States Posted 6th February 2021 Lee Coen Member USA
3. Customer does not pay – Customer paid for several orders via Paypal establishing good standing but last order which he was sent totaling $4807.88 on October 28th 2020 has not been paid and customer now does not respond to emails. Customer Name is Mr Walter Carson 7287 W Clarence Avenue, Chicago, IL 60631 and uses two email addresses – and This report raised 17th January 2021. Ralph Schneider Member USA
4. Fraudulent or illegal philatelic material offered for sale Affinity Antique Auctions – Framingham Massachusetts Sells via Sells fake China stamps in antique auctions. I was caught, buying a folder of ROC Sun-Yat-Sen issues. All are poorly printed fakes. When I demanded a refund, I was advised that they don’t have time to check everything, and sales are “as is”. I’m still pursuing. I’ve advised them of fake Chinese stamps (“One China” and “Year of the Monkey”) in 12 of the lots in their current auction I’m pursuing a refund and will pursue aggressively Purchased September, lost delivery, arrived 30/12/19 Dave Sheridan Director Australia IPDA
4. PTS Red Call 20 November 2019 – Yesterday Stanley Gibbons apprehended an individual who had tried to steal c.£12,000 worth of stamps from our up-coming auction. Witnessed by supervising staff and clear CCTV footage ensured the culprit, Mr. Mehmet Basaran, was detained by police and arrested for theft.Stanley Gibbons will always prosecute and to the degree that we can influence the path taken, push for the strongest possible punishment. Mr Basaran is a long-established collector and likely attends several auction houses. The Trade should be extremely vigilant if they choose to continue to do business with Mr Basaran. Iain MurphyHead of Auctions Stanley Gibbons Group PLC Ian Murphy Head of Auctions Stanley Gibbons Group PLC
6. Sunil Suri 2 Millbrook Gardens, Romford, Essex. UK RMZ 5RPInformation received and obtained from search of web sites etc supports this WARNINGSummary : Codes A1: Customer keeps stamps ordered and received without paying for them Code F1: Purchases remain unpaid. Code C: A persistent time waster.Members are warned to exercise caution when dealing with this offenderPlease note that this report is for MEMBERS ONLY and may not be shared with non-members.. Sunil Suri