The centenary of the end of the First World War and the liberation of Serbia by the joint French and Serbian army are marked in 2018. The liberation march of the Serbian and French army, after the heroic breakthrough of the Salonika front on 15 September 2018, was brought to an end by the liberation of Serbia and the capitulation of the Bulgarian, i.e. Austro-Hungarian army, and today it is considered to be one of the fundamental elements which represents the basis of the traditional friendship between Serbia and France.

Namely, from 15 September to 1 November 1918, the Serbian and French army broke through the Salonika front and forced the Bulgarian and Austro-Hungarian army to capitulate. In their victorious march, the joint forces of the Serbs and the French took over Štip on 25 September, Veles on 26 September, Skopje on 29 September, liberated Vranje on 5 October, Leskovac on 7 October, Niš on 12 October, Jagodina on 25 October, Kragujevac on 26 October, Požarevac on 29 October, Smederevo on 30 October, and finally Belgrade on 1 November 2018.   

This military operation of the joint armies of France and Serbia was also very significant for the break of the Central Forces at the western front. Bulgaria signed the truce on 29 September while the Austro-Hungarian did the same on 3 November, and the capitulation of the German Empire on 11 November marked the end of the First World War.

In the liberation of Serbia in 1918, the French army was commanded by the generals Franchet d’Esperey, Prosper Henrys and Juino-Gambetta and the Serbian generals were Mišić, Stepanović and Vasić.

Motifs on the stamps: 1. Voivoda Stepa Stepanović, in the background: At the Salonika front, before the liberation of Bitola, in autumn 1916; 2. General Franchet d’Espèrey, in the background: Prince Regent Alexander Karađorđević with General Franchet d’Espèrey, Voivoda Živojin Mišić and General Petar Bojović at Jelak, the Salonika front, 1918; 3. Voivoda Živojin Mišić, in the background: Danube division marching after Grunište, 1917 (Dragomir Glišić, photographer). 4. Entrance of the French General Auguste Charles Tranier into the liberated Prokuplje, October 1918 (Dragomir Pavlović, photographer); 5. Voivoda Petar Bojović, in the background: Prince Regent Alexander Karađorđević with General Petar Bojović and the Serbian Officers on Patron Saint Day at the Salonika front; 6. General Paul Prosper Henrys, in the background: Voivoda Živojin Mišić awarding the Order of the White Eagle to the French General Prosper Henrys, 1918.

Expert collaboration: Lieutenant Colonel Dalibor Denda, PhD, scientific cooperator, Institute for Strategic Research, University of Defense; Administration for Tradition, Standard and Veterans of the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Serbia; Military Museum in Belgrade. Artistic realization: Nadežda Skočajić, academic graphic artist.

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