so… what is your New Year Resolution ………..   one could be to help the IPDA grow membership?        why not give it a go.   ….. if each of us  as existing members  got just one new member we would be close to 300 members and think what added credibility that would  give you  as an IPDA member in the philatelic community.

Every day I am astounded at the number of con artists and crooks I see trying to sell stamps, trying to   steal from unsuspecting collectors.  We have to  try to  help collectors.  Don’t we?   Don’t we want collectors to value internet stamp dealers?  Like us?  Internet stamp dealers they can trust.

Just one colleague internet stamp dealer you believe holds the same value we as IPDA members do.    Please help support this, the ONLY philatelic association that takes this  matter seriously.

Michael IPDA General Secretary



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