Here is a lovely Miniature Sheet I never expected to come across.

I would like to know the SG and Scott numbers and cat value, Mint Never Hinged  Can anyone help please?

Hope you enjoy seeing it.



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  1. Good Evening-

    Scott cat, 2020 year-page 500.

    Your stamp is from 2014-

    Scott# 3133-MNH, Perf 14 x 13 3/4

    Sheet of four-3133a, (5000r),3133b, (6000r), 3133c,(7000r), 3133d (8000r)

    NO watermark

    5.00 mint and 4.00 used-

    Here in the states, when you do a awesome thing, we like to say-“boo-ya”. I am speaking for me only-

    Tag your it.


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