Internet Philatelic Dealers Association Inc

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This is THE new service for members.  There are philatelic portals,  eBay is the most well known, and then thre are for example Delcampe, Hipstamp, Stampden and Webstore and many many more.

Now you have  the IPDA Stamp Shops. A portal where ONLY IPDA Dealers can sell to anyone who wishes to buy.

This portal service is exclusive to IPDA members and will always ONLY be available to IPDA Members.

As for stamp collectors, it means they can shop in confidence from an accredited IPDA Dealer.  YES,  a safe haven, as it has been termed, for collectors.

This was first published on page 3 of the January 2020 IPDA Newsletter.

A few highlights repeated here:

The Store is Free and there are no listing fees for standard listings. The selling fee is 6% of total sales cost.

The site also has an affiliate program that buyers and sellers alike can use to earn money selling their own as well as other dealers stamps. You are automatically enrolled when you sign up at IPDA Shops.

You can read how it works or you can just go to the home page and sign up!.

Welcome to a new way of selling