Hello everyone, well the Notice of Meeting for the 2020 Annual General Meeting has been issued to members.

We do hope we didn’t miss anyone in the distribution. I say that because you need to write to me ipdasecretary1@gmail.com if you have not received the invite to attend the meeting.

Given time zones around the world it is highly likely some members will not be able to attend so we have an Online Proxy. (found under the Members Only drop down menu choice). The Proxy form has two options. 1) you can nominate a proxy by name, for example the Chairman Alan Devine, or the Membership Secretary Tony Tripi, or me the General Secretary or any other Director. Simply type their name in the box provided then press submit at the bottom of the form. So EASY. It will take 30 seconds. Or, 2) you can cast you vote by clicking the Yes, No or Abstain button for each of the Motions which are detailed in the AGM Agenda. That is likely to take a a few minutes as there are 28 Motions – all quite straightforward I might add. All this is clearly explained on page 1 of the Notice of Meeting.

Please cast a Proxy. We value your input and of course need you vote to ensure we have a quorum at the AGM.

Thanks from all the IPDA Committee ….Michael Dodd General Secretary

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