India Post has issued a commemorative postage stamp on freedom fighter Rajkumar Shukla on 18th December 2018. Earlier a postage stamp on Rajkumar Shukla was released in the year 2000. During the 31st session of the Congress in Lucknow in 1916, Gandhi met sant raut(bhagat) and Raj Kumar Shukla, a representative of farmers from Champaran, who requested him to come and see for himself the miseries of the indigo ryots (tenant farmers) there. Gandhi later wrote in his autobiography “I must confess that I did not then know even the name, much less the geographical position, of Champaran, and I had hardly any notion of indigo plantations.” Now we can say that Sant raut and Raj Kumar Shukla met  Mahatma Gandhi to make him aware of the plight of the cultivators in  Champaran and persuaded him to go there. He was known Indigo cultivator of the area as he was a money lender from village Amolwa & Murli Bharahwa near Narkatiaganj in West Champaran, earning, according to his own statement before the enquiry committee set up by the provincial government, a sum of two thousand rupees a month from interest  Barai in Champaran had earlier revolted against indigo   cultivation in 1914 and 1916. To commemorate his 125th birth anniversary, India Post released a stamp in his honour in 2000. after Gandhi’s assassination it was first time that Govt. recognise his contributions towards Indian Independence.

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