India Post has released a commemorative postage stamp on Mahamati Prannath on 25th December 2019. He belongs to  Pranami sampraday. Mahamati Shri Prannathji (Mehraj Thakur) (1618–1694), traveled throughout the Indian subcontinent and the Arabian world including Oman, Iraq and Iran to spread the ideals of religious harmony and interfaith understanding the vision of Tartam professes. Through him was revealed the divine knowledge later compiled as the holy “Kuljam Swaroop” in six Indian languages. His work called Kuljam Swarup a.k.a. Tartam Sagar is worshipped unlike the idols in Shree Krishna Pranami temples worldwide. He also attended  Kumbh Mela at Haridwar in 1735 BS (1678 AD) and was engaged in religious debates in which he conveniently became victorious and was conferred the title of “Niskalanka Bijayaabhinand Buddha Avatar” by the saints of various sects and creeds.

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