India Post has released a commemorative postage stamp on two personalities of Swaminarayan sact on 28th December 2018. It has often been said that Babubhai and Dadubhai (Pappaji and Kakaji) were like the two parts that comprise a single heartbeat, in the heart of Yogiji Maharaj. Seen from a worldly perspective, both Babubhai and Dadubhai were simply brothers born to a humble doctor called Nathabhai Patel and his wife Diwaliben of Nadiad. The more one studies their lives and their work it becomes clear that these two divine personalities were destined to manifest here on Earth for a very specific purpose and a specific time in the history and evolution of the Swaminarayan movement. Everyone knows the story of their childhood, when play-fighting with swords they discussed what happens when you die. They both determined that together, instead of going to heaven after death, “We shall bring heaven on Earth”. They intuitively understood that heaven is a state of mind and to be happy, we need to achieve that state.Due to their combined life’s’ work, we are today blessed to be members of an established ‘Gunatit Samaj’ which is based on the principle of Mukta Akshar-Purushottam Upasana.

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