India Post has issued a commemorative postage stamp along with a sheetlet on Mahadevappa Mailara on 3rd September 2018. Mahadevappa Mailara was a freedom fighter. Mailar Mahadevappa, the only person from Karnataka at the age of 18 years had accompanied  Mahatma Gandhi in his Dandi march (one among original 78 inmates selected by Mahatma Gandhi to start from Shabramathi Ashram). After returning to his home town he organized a group of youths and commenced a sort of guerrilla warfare against the British government. His band of patriots roamed the country, raiding British government offices and burning records, capturing government mails and seizing government money in transit and paralysed the British Government machinery. Finding the local police ineffective in dealing with them, the British government brought a posse of policemen from Maharashtra to Haveri Taluk and announced a reward of Rs.300 to anyone who would capture or help in the capture of Mahadevappa. But on 1 April 1943, Mahadevappa and two of his close associates Thirukappa Madivalar and Veeriah Hiremath lost their lives in an attempt to seize a box containing government money at Hosaritti in Haveri Taluk. Mailar Mahadevappa didn’t allow other associates to harm the police since he was a strict Gandhian till his last breath. In all Mahadevappa and his men had successfully carried out seventy-four exploits, but in no instance was harm done to a single individual.

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