Hello, yes I am back home and making time to write.  I feel like I have been away for so long. It was only just over three weeks but looking at my emails it seems so much longer.  And so much stamp business to catch up on.

But less of my rambling.  Just one stamp, or should I say miniature sheet to share. I picked this up in Hong Kong. It was issued to celebrate the 2018 Asian Stamp Show in Macau.  We went to Macau for the show – it is a 1 hour ferry across from Hong Kong so an easy trip and if you have never been to Macau I highly recommend a visit.  I hoped to get the Macau equivalent but Macau issued their celebratory MS on the Sunday, and we were there on the Saturday.  Shucks,  how dumb to issue the celebratory MS at the end of the show. I bet they lost plenty of sales that way.

Enjoy your stamps.  Michael, IPDA General; Secretary

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