Have you ever wondered how some stamps appear on your desk or in a pile of papers on your desk?    I have been sorting papers, that is an understatement……. actually if the papers were put on top of each other there would be about 2 feet deep of papers, no exaggeration, honest.  Yes about time I got organised.    And that excludes stamp magazines  which are in another pile.  There is a reason for this  madness, the tidying up that is…..  not my awful management of  correspondence, papers I print,  bills and receipts, old airline and hotel bookings, travel itineraries. So much paperwork.

We are having some remodeling done to the study.  Yes! to allow me to accumulate even more junk.    Wait!  my stamps are not junk.      And so I get back to the  question, have you ever wondered how some stamps just appear.  I have been pleasantly surprised with some of the finds I made.   Wow did I buy that?  seems I must have.  By the time I finished sorting all the papers I had a large shoe box full of stamps in envelopes, covers,  unopened envelopes, stock sheets and more stock sheets and odd album pages obviously from  broken down auction lots I purchased back when.  Yes honest,  I am sort of embarrassed to even admit it.  But I did enjoy the treasure hunt. This is just one “where did I ever get this from”. It is one of the three from the 1948 set and as anyone who know me knows, I  only deal in,  and occasionally collect, GB and British Commonwealth.  This one and its partners will  forever remain a mystery.

Enjoy your philately   …… Michael


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