Dear Members, have a great philatelic weekend.. I wish you lots of sales, and in between times if you have a flash of inspiration about a topic or want to write a piece for the June issue of the Newsletter, please get in touch with me. Michael

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  1. Hi Michael
    I was disappointed not to have received a May Newsletter and it looks very much like you have very few ideas for the June issue. I had actually prepared over 30 articles some of which would have been published in April including one about eBay dropping Paypal. This is of vital interest to most of your members particularly people like Lee Coen. Its probably not for me to say, but for most of your members, the Newsletter is the only communication they get from the IPDA and its importance is cannot be under estimated.
    And while on the subject of membership, my name still isn’t shown on the Membership List and neither have I received a refund – one or the other would be appropriate.

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