2021 is here and as I write I am sure we are all hoping this new year will be better than 2020.

The impact of corona virus  was  far reaching, like something  I expect none of us have experienced before.

We have to continue doing what we do in the face of adversity. We all know that.

And one thing we have to do as stamp sellers is do the best for our customers; stamp collectors around the world.

In this unregulated world of the internet  this is more and more relevant today than ever, as more people, it would appear, are getting back into the  hobby

And, more and more people are selling stamps on philatelic portals like eBay, Delcampe and Hipstamp and many others.

With this brings people selling stamps who do not have the standards and values and ethics and integrity that members of the IPDA do.

Like it or not, that is a fact that can be proven over and over and over again in minutes, no, in seconds if you have a fast internet speed!!!

Support the IPDA, promote the IPDA, make the IPDA name known so that stamp collectors who could be your customers are not  getting “cheated”,  lets just call it what it really is, by  the less than scrupulous sellers.

No one else is doing anything about this  aspect of the hobby. I personally have challenged two extremely well known Philatelic bodies on this and been ignored.

I hope the IPDA and our members will not ignore this topic and in doing so become just another “stand on the sidelines and watch while blowing our own trumpet just to make a noise Association” yes, just like the  people in the streets did last night to welcome 2021″   

Michael    IPDA General Secretary




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