In 2019, the series Fête du timbre has for theme The cars of style. This series begins in 2018 with the subject of cars and rallies.The first car manufactured by the manufacturer in 1919, the Type A 10 HP (TP) and the model of traction (Block).The graphic style of the models highlights the elegance of the bodywork line. The chrome aspect is emphasized by a metal asperity on the block and the stamp.Illustrator Serge Jamois, Layout Marion Favreau, from Francois Renaud Le Blan.

Issue Date: 11.03.2019, Designer: Serge Jamois, Process: Heliogravure, Size: 40.85 x 30 mm, 105 x 71.5 mm, Values: €0.88, €1.76

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