tellmarcosIn the age of rapid technological advancement, the concept of a quantum internet has captured the imagination of scientists and researchers worldwide. Unlike the classical internet we use today, a quantum internet promises to revolutionize communication by harnessing the strange and counterintuitive properties of quantum mechanics. In this article, we'll delve into the fascinating world of the quantum internet, exploring its potential applications, challenges, and the current state of research. tellhappystar tellgamestopWhat is the Quantum Internet? tellgamestop telldunkin.clickTo understand the quantum internet, we must first grasp the fundamental principles of quantum mechanics. Quantum mechanics describes the behavior of matter and energy at the smallest scales, where classical physics no longer applies. Key features of quantum mechanics include superposition and entanglement, which form the foundation of quantum communication. tellculvers tellcitybbqSuperposition: In quantum mechanics, particles can exist in multiple states simultaneously. This property allows quantum bits or qubits to represent both 0 and 1 at the same time, significantly increasing computational power. tellcaribou tellbrueggersEntanglement: When two quantum particles become entangled, their properties become correlated in such a way that the state of one particle instantaneously affects the state of the other, regardless of the distance separating them. This property is at the heart of quantum teleportation and quantum cryptography. tellbostonmarket The Quantum Internet's Potential Applications: Ultra-Secure Communication: One of the most promising applications of the quantum internet is quantum cryptography, which enables perfectly secure communication. Any attempt to eavesdrop on quantum-encrypted messages would disrupt the entangled particles, alerting both the sender and receiver to the intrusion. Quantum Teleportation: Although it won't lead to instantaneous transportation as seen in science fiction, quantum teleportation allows the transfer of quantum states between distant locations, making it a crucial tool for quantum computing and communication. Quantum Computing: The quantum internet will pave the way for quantum computing, which has the potential to solve complex problems exponentially faster than classical computers. This could revolutionize fields like drug discovery, cryptography, and optimization. Challenges and Current Research: Building a quantum internet is no easy task and is fraught with challenges. Some of the key hurdles include: Quantum Decoherence: Quantum systems are extremely delicate and susceptible to external interference, leading to decoherence, which disrupts quantum states. Researchers are working on developing error-correction techniques to mitigate this issue. Quantum Repeaters: As entangled particles lose their coherence over distance, the development of quantum repeaters is crucial to extend the range of quantum communication. This involves creating intermediate nodes that re-establish entanglement between distant qubits. Practical Implementation: Transforming theoretical concepts into practical, scalable technologies is a significant challenge. Researchers are exploring various physical systems, such as trapped ions, superconducting circuits, and photon-based approaches, to create viable quantum communication devices. The quantum internet holds immense promise for the future of communication and computing. While many challenges remain to be overcome, researchers are making rapid progress in developing the necessary technologies. As the quantum internet inches closer to reality, it has the potential to transform industries, enhance security, and unlock new frontiers in science and technology, ushering in an era of truly quantum communication.

Fight with Covid-19:Isle of Man Stamps – Internet Philatelic Dealers Association Inc

IOM:#CarryUsThrough Tagline Stamps

The issue is presented on the underlying themes of strength, fortitude and love during a global crisis, celebrating the people making such a contribution to our lives; NHS workers, key staff, carers, volunteers, our community and the scientists and educators who will develop vaccines and educate our children.

Similarly we wish to celebrate the kind-heartedness and compassion found within our Island, as during these difficult times it is important to acknowledge these acts of kindness and care. This issue is very much community based and driven; however these morals can be applied to all nations across the world and our close neighbours within the UK, all of whom are also suffering during the ongoing crisis.

The stamps proudly display the three legs of Man, its meaning: “Whithersoever way you throw us, we will stand”. This motto summarises the Manx spirit and the determination of our people to fight on through this crisis.

Stamp 1 – Love Will #CarryUsThrough

Love for our fellow beings is what will help us conquer fear, grief and help us rebuild our lives.

Stamp 2 – Faith Will #CarryUsThrough

Faith is what keeps us all strong in a crisis and at this special time we are seeing a new level of tolerance.

Stamp 3 – Care Will #CarryUsThrough

Our carers, nurses, doctors, health workersand the entire NHS and all its supporting bodies are the champions of our time. We celebrate every one of them. Some, too many, will have given their lives by the time these stamps are seen.

Stamp 4 – Compassion Will #CarryUsThrough

Compassion for those who have lost people, compassion for those suffering and those who are afraid. Compassion is what distinguishes human

Stamp 5 – Work Will #CarryUsThrough

The Government has asked us to work to save our country. Workers from a great variety of expertise have joined in the effort to make healthcare equipment. Without their efforts we would be lost.

Stamp 6 – Community Will #CarryUsThrough

Communities are coming together like never before. Many are delivering food to the frail supported by networks of volunteers. Communities have become local again.

Stamp 7 – Words Will #CarryUsThrough

We are writing to each other again. For those in isolation, words raise the spirits, bring back memories and stir emotions. A letter to an elderly relative means more than a quick call or a text; it is tangible, real and treasured.

Stamp 8 – Science Will #CarryUsThrough

Scientists are working 24/7 to find a vaccine. Never have our Government advisers in science had more visibility. We have represented all the main fields of science (biology, chemistry, physics and maths) and by kind permission of Dr Lucy Hawking, included two of Professor Hawking’s equations.


The #CarryUsThrough stamps were created by Glazier Design, who created our RAF, 2001, Stephen Hawking and Moonlanding stamps. They understand the spirit, strength,fortitude and compassion of the Manx people and have sought to celebrate what is best about us in times of crisis.

Ben Glazier created the concept of ‘Carry Us Through’ as a positive message in a time of need. Emma Newton illustrated the stamps using bold, simple, contemporary illustration, clean colours and a charismatic style.(Source-WOPA)

Issue Date:04.05.2020 Designer:Glazier Design Printer:Lowe Martin Process:Offset Lithography Colours:4 Colours Size:40 x 40mm

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