Hello, what a way to start 2019. I saw this listed for sale. Does it upset you to see such utter rubbish listed for sale. I hope my image shows the stamp as it shows on the actual listing. Rust, toning, name it what you will, there is no way  this piece of contaminated garbage should be anywhere near a stamp collection.

And, I find this the really sad part, it has three bids. What are we doing to help educate collectors? Well obviously this seller is doing nothing except trying to cheat collectors.

I could rant for hours couldn’t I 🙂  Lets just say this seller will NEVER be a member of the IPDA.

Michael  IPDA General Secretary



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  1. Good evening from Arizona! It’s raining here and COLD! I hate cold!
    1. Who is?
    2. Where is this stamp?
    3. What site? I would like to see the rest of listings-
    You photo will not enlarge when i click on it- That would allow me to better examine the rusted item(S) for sale-
    I have noticed that when you make bigger boarders around your stamp images when listing a stamp image for sale-it does make the listing better-this one lacks this-

  2. Lee, thanks.. image was as available from a site. it is no longer there now as the auction finished. I will remember to try to get better images in future.. but I am often constrained by the source image. Thanks Michael

  3. Hello friends!

    Well, if the seller mentioned in detail the faults and it was sold, I can say that (he or she) is not Philatelist, is it an only people with the belief that having an album and add stamps, makes them such. Another reason can be that sometimes we are forced to obtain a piece in that condition because we do not have it and another people because the piece is cheap, but I agree with you, it is necessary to guide the beginners of how to be a Philatelist


    1. Hence the reason to join any stamp collecting club and learn; learn the basic’s about stamps and listing them for sale. We, as members of the IPDA are/should be advanced collectors and sellers-we know a good stamp from a bad stamp. It seems that profit is driven more than knowledge. Sure I want to make money, dont we all, when selling our stamps, but knowledge is power. For example:
      I attended an estate sale here in Arizona and sought a big collection that was being offered. The auctioneer puts out right before the sale, ‘I see some old stamps in here. I see a entire page of stamps from 1940! Those are some very old stamps!’. It was an entire table of albums and the lot went for $800.00usd. My limit was $700.00 usd. We must remember, just because an stamp is old, look closely and look for quality. As members we list quality stamps and note any issues with the item for sale-Quality is must!
      Good luck


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