The poor population of Herzegovina was fed only with vegetables, wheat and dairy products, meet was very rarely on the dining table, only for big holidays. The food was homogeneous, but poor conditions and poverty were not an obstacle to prepare special dish on special occasions. No ceremony in Herzegovina couldn’t have gone without cicvara and donuts with sack cheese. Whether it was birthday of a child, a wedding, a feast…

Cicvara is specialty of mountain regions and today only very few women know how to make it. A special cheese, škripavac, is required to make it and together with milk, is dissolved in a deep pan. When the mixture becomes uniform and stretchy the excess liquid is removed, added a little bit of butter and little bit of flour. The finished mixture must be rapidly stretched in a thin layer on a coated surface. When it is cooled down, it bends in the desired shape, serves cut or teared off by hands.

Medium thick mixture of flour, salt and warm water is necessary for donuts. Butter must be warmed well in a pan on which by a big spoon dough is poured. When they get a golden-brown color, they must be turned over and continue to bake. They are eaten with cheese and smoked ham or poured with sour milk with a little bit of garlic and melted butter. (Željka Šaravanja)

Design: Marin Musa, Size: 48.28 x 29.82 mm, Paper: white, 102 g, adhesive, Comb perforation: 14, Printed by: Zrinskid.d.Čakovec, Date of issue: 16.10.2018, Value: 3,60 BAM  Copies: 10,000 , Sheet: 8 stamps +2 vignettes

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