Blessed Rani Maria of Vattalil (29 January 1954 – 25 February 1995) was a social worker in the Franciscan Clarist Congregation who worked among the poor in Indore. Vattalil dedicated herself to the catechetical formation and educational instruction during her time as a religious teacher as she moved place to place teaching in different areas; she was vocal in matters of social justice and in social activism which led to her death at the hands of those who were opposed to her efforts in aiding the poor and downtrodden. Her beatification received approval from Pope Francis on 23 March 2017 and she was beatified in Indore on 4 November 2017. Vattalil was murdered in a knife attack due to the hitman Samandar Singh at Nachanbore Hill in  Indore on 25 February 1995 while she made her way to Indore in a bus; she had 40 major injuries besides 14 bruises. The murder was arranged because some landlords were offended due to her work among the landless poor.

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