Internet Philatelic Dealers Association Inc

Contact a Director

The IPDA General Secretary should be contacted about matters pertaining to the Confidential List or suspected individuals who should be reviewed for inclusion on the Confidential List.

Tony Tripi, the Treasurer / Membership  Secretary should be contacted about Membership matters.

Ken Sanford, Director USA should be contacted about any matters concerning the American Philatelic Society.

If a matter is related to something specific within your country  / geographic region it is suggested you also contact one of your Regional Directors. 

IPDA Committee

Greg Doll

IPDA Chairman

Tony Tripi

IPDA Membership Secretary & Treasurer

Michael Dodd

IPDA General Secretary

Ken Sanford

IPDA Director - USA

Ted Tyszka

IPDA Director - USA

Luree Hughes

Marketing & Media Director

Lee Coen

IPDA Director USA

Jon Griffiths

IPDA Director Europe & UK


Jerry Derr

IPDA Director - USA