Confidential List

To view the matters that have been raised and are under review or noted as advice to Members Click here.

To raise a matter for review by the Confidential List Officer please complete the Confidential List Report.  You can send a copy to yourself by entering your email address in the email address box. When you press “Submit to Confidential List Officer”, the form is sent to a confidential email account accessible only by the Confidential List Officer.

Confidential List Report

CONFIDENTIAL – FOR MEMBERS ONLY Form BL-22 – Confidential List Report Form.  Amended December 2018

This form is provided to assist you to submit your complaint/report of unethical / illegal behaviour that you have experienced. For more information you are advised to read By-Law BL009 of the IPDA Constitution that you may find on the IPDA web site.

Confidential Reports

Report 1, 1st Aug 2018 Sunil Suri