Hello again, just thinking, we are having a competition … to design an eCard….. an email Christmas card……. for use by members to send to other members or other stamp collector friends and colleagues. This was mentioned in the last (October) IPDA Newsletter.. no rules other than design an eCard and send it – the design in any format – to one of the Directors or the General Secretary before the end of November — it will be made available to IPDA Members from the Members Login in area……. we may even have a few cards to choose from if we get enough worthy entries ……..

ok…., so what is the prize for the winner or winners.. we have not decided yet…….. depends on the number of entries I guess … and how many winners we have……. but as for prizes we haven’t thought that through either.  no rush for these things is there 

Anyone got any ideas to what we could give as a prize…… or prizes??? anyone want to donate a prize?

I look forward to hearing from you…  oh and here is another design concept I will be giving a miss to 🙂

Michael – IPDA General Secretary either post here or write to me at ipdasecretary1@gmail.com

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