Jagabandhu Bidyadhara Mohapatra Bhramarbara Rai popularly known as “Bakshi Jagabandhu or “Paika Bakshi” was the commander (Bakshi) of the forces of the king of Khordha.

He is one of the earliest freedom fighters of India. The great Paika Rebellion in 1817 was under his leadership. Jagabandhu Bidyadhara had got the title of Bakshi in inheritance from his ancestors which represents the rank of the commander of the forces of the King of Khurda.

It was the rank second only to the king. His family was provided with Jagirs   (grants of lands and other requisites) and the estate of ‘Killa Roranga’ for generations by the King of Khurda .Paika Rebellion: It was the first rebellion of the paika (soldiers of Odisha) with the support of common people against the British Rule. The land revenue policy of the British was the primary cause of the rebellion in 1817.

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