Welcome to the weekend. What philatelic adventure will entertain you this weekend?
Mine will be here at home, no stamp clubs or fairs as we have none where I live. But that is ok I have some Tanzania to sort, and an article to write for a magazine I write for. Of course in between I will be sunbathing and swimming. Life is good here in the Philippines……… when we don’t get typhoons 🙂 anyway, enough of my Friday night ramble.
If you are following the Facebook page you will see one entry has dropped off the list we have for the competition – the date when we get the 100th IPDA member –  I never set a deadline for guesses so feel free to suggest a date. I am giving no hints except to say how rewarding it is to see so many experienced and very respected sellers applying to join the IPDA.
I do hope you find time to regularly read this Blog and the Facebook page because over the past week after issuing the August Newsletter so much has happened and seriously it won’t all fit in a Newsletter unless we keep adding more pages, and provide the news weeks after it happens.  If anyone thinks we should expand the Newsletter from 8 pages please write. It will require a full time editor. The volunteers that put it together right now will need more help I think.  
Have a great philatelic weekend and good luck to those of you who entered a date for the 100th IPDA Member. Someone has to win. 🙂
Michael –  IPDA General Secreatary

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