The Theatre of Dodona, the modern village of Dodoni and snow-capped Mount Tomaros in the background. Photo credit: Onno Zweers, Wikipedia

The Hellenic Post (ELTA) recently revealed a new series of commemorative stamps which showcase both the famous and the lesser-known ancient Greek theaters in the region of Epirus.

”Greece’s ancient theaters are magnificent silent witnesses of the spirit of our ancestors and with the simplicity and grandeur of their architecture, they take us on a unique tour of ancient Greek culture,” ELTA noted.

The Hellenic Post presented a total of five unique stamps which take us on a fascinating photographic journey to Epirus, Greece’s northwestern region, which is known for its spectacular mountain ranges.

The aim of the new stamps is to showcase the region’s rich cultural heritage across the country and beyond.

The five new stamps depict the ancient Theatre of Dodona, which was an integral part of the Panhellenic Sanctuary of Dodona and the ancient Theatre of Nicopolis, one of the most impressive monuments in Greece, associated with the New Actian Games, dedicated to Apollo.

The ancient Theatre of Kassope, with its panoramic view of the Ambracian Gulf, the Ionian Sea and the Acarnanian Mountains is also depicted as well as the ancient Theatre of Ambracia, the smallest of the theaters that have been discovered to date.

Lastly, the ancient Theatre of Gitana, built in the capital of ancient Thesprotia, also is shown on a stamp. The theater has many seats which incredibly still bear inscriptions of the names of the ancient Greek people who sat in them.

The Hellenic Post is the state-owned provider of postal services in Greece, which operates along with private companies in the sector. It is the successor of the historic government Postal Service, founded in 1828.

Photo credit: Hellenic Post

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