For each IPDA Member…

Here is one for you, and get it done now ……  easy  🙂   please get one new member for the IPDA.

Our target for 2019 is an IPDA with 300 members,  (if each member recruited just one member we would be nearly there today)  and with the advertising we want to do we should be able to get the IPDA initials recognised far more in the philatelic community than they are today. Perhaps that will help your business?

And the benefits from joining us?  You can promote then to a potential member by getting them to read the benefits from the website home page, and, tell them they can read our FAQs which should answer any questions they may have.  Get them to look at the About Us drop down menu where there is an easy to complete online application form.

Or, ask them to take a few minutes to read our January Newsletter here

Please  support your Association.     Happy New Year,  Michael IPDA General Secretary.

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