Well it is Friday night where I am. Not sure if we will be able to see this red moon that is being talked about. Might be nice but we have seen quite a few different moons these past few years.  The blue moon was exciting, but on reflection, I think I had been drinking that night!

Ooooop wrong blog to post to. No seriously, talking about moons made me think we have another new moon at the IPDA. After another Directors meeting, our third in the past few months, we are entering a new phase (moon  /  phase  get it !!!  ?) with the appointment of a new Director, Peter C A de Jong from the Netherlands as our Director Europe.

The IPDA has grown its membership over the past few months from 57 to 89 members with 5 more applications in the pipeline.  We are seeing the results of the new website at www.ipdastamps.com and the efforts the Directors are making to promote the IPDA.

I personally think, after reading the email I receive, that dealers and sellers are looking for something new and refreshing. An organisation that will support them and their business models in this internet age.

We are seeing an increase in members from Europe, mostly sellers on Delcampe, including most recently France, Germany and The Netherlands, as well as from South America where there are also many Delcampe sellers.

So, the appointment of Peter is very timely. He already writes for the IPDA Newsletter and has made a very useful contribution of ideas to IPDA directions and activity initiatives. He is extremely well respected in his philatelic circle and we are fortunate to have him working with us.

Welcome Peter, Great to have you as part of the team at the IPDA as we grow this Association.

Michael – General Secretary

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