Germany has joined South Africa in honouring Nelson Mandela’s 100th anniversary, with the issue of joint postage stamps.

“These stamps are a way of continuously reminding the world about what Mandela stood for, and keeping his mission alive, both in Germany and in South Africa,” said Deputy German Ambassador Klaus Streicher at the launch of the South African stamp at the Department for Telecommunications and Postal Services in Pretoria.

Luzuko Koti from the Nelson Mandela Foundation acknowledged the efforts of Germany and South Africa to honour the Struggle icon’s legacy.

The photograph used for the stamp is from the Nelson Mandela Foundation Blue Media archives. The stamp was designed by Rachel-Mari Ackermann of the SA Post Office.

According to Ackermann, the foundation’s slogan for the Nelson Mandela Centenary 2018 celebrations: “Be the legacy”, influenced her decision to portray him at a late stage of his life as “He will forever be a ‘father’ to the South African nation, and he inspires us to invest in the future of our children.”

The German stamp shows a photo of Mandela taken by Paul Weinberg, who was active in the anti-apartheid movement.

It was designed by André Heers and Annette le Fort, and features a photo of Mandela taken a few days after his release from Victor Verster Prison in 1990.

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