By M.Gulrez

This visit in its own way also turned into a historic event which is highlighted in the two commemorative covers.

HOLY DIP AT SANGAM: Gandhi ji was a religious person and when he got a opportunity to be in the holy city ,he visited Sangam as his first piority and took holy dip in Gangaji . Later his ashes were also immersed in Gangaji on the 12th of February1948.

GREEN PAMPHLET:When he missed the train due to his illness, he utilised this opportunity  to meet the editor of English newspaper “The Pioneer” and discuessed the problem he faced during his stay in South Africa with him. It is this discussion which lead to the formation of the Green Pamphlet.
During 1896 all the major trains used to come on platform no.1 of Allahabad railway station. Gandhi ji also alighted on the platform no.1, hence it is most appropriate that any covers should be posted from RMS which is now operating from platform no.1. Since posting from RMS need to be done with late fee hence use of Rs.25/- worth of stamps instead of normal registration fees of Rs.22/-.  These commemorate covers are designed by Ashok Mittal and conceived by M.Gulrez.

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