Oklahoma native Sean Ramsey was out storm chasing, when he looked off to the east and caught a glimpse of a double rainbow as the clouds were clearing.

“It just really struck me when I saw it, I was just like ‘I’ve got to capture that,’” Ramsey said.

Among a field of green wheat in Kansas, Ramsey took out his camera and captured what would later become a part of the United States Postal Service’s O Beautiful Forever stamp collection.

Ramsey’s photo, titled “Daydream” was among 20 photos chosen to represent the natural beauty of America in the collection, which was released on July 4.

“Whenever they called me about it, I was kind of like ‘yeah right’ at first. I thought it was just somebody else trying to sell me something,” Ramsey said. “What they said was there’s more than 60,000 photographs submitted each year to be suggested to be put on stamps and you’re one of the ones that made it.”

The stamps are themed after the song “America the Beautiful,” with sets of four stamps corresponding to different verses from the song. Ramsey’s photo is under the “Spacious Skies” category and the other categories include “Waves of Grain,” “Mountain Majesties,” “The Fruited Plain” and “Sea to Shining Sea”.

“’America the Beautiful’ is one of my favorite songs,” Ramsey said. “Just to know that my picture is associated with that song now — it just doesn’t get any better than that.”

As a longtime storm chaser, Ramsey has become accustomed to watching the “spacious skies,” but he wasn’t always a photographer. Ramsey said he got into photography when he decided that he wanted to find a better way to share the sights he was seeing.

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