On 11 November 1918, more than four years of war were finally over. But it was not the end of the suffering for the populations of the nations involved in the War. Death, grief, distress from the lost of belongings and hunger continued to dominate people’s lives. An Allied embargo meant that initially very little food made it to Luxembourg, and later on none at all. In his “Black Market” scene, Pierre Blanc gives a very realistic depiction of the situation of foraging, whereby people got their hands on the things they needed to live, both during and after the War. It is a snapshot of a situation that for many people at the time was essential for survival.

Issue Date: 18.09.2018, Designer: Pierre Blanc / Graphisterie Générale sàrl, Printer: Bpost, Process: Multicolored high-resolution offset, Size: 80 x 120 mm, Values: 0,95 €

New Zealand: Armistice 1918 – 2018

In New Zealand and Australia, Armistice Day has always been overshadowed by Anzac Day (25 April). First observed in 1916, Anzac Day has been a full public holiday in New Zealand since 1921. Armistice Day was nevertheless observed in New Zealand. Until the 1950s, trains would come to a halt and vehicles would pull over to the kerb just before 11am on 11 November. Drivers and passengers observed two minutes’ silence.

Issue Date: 01.10.2018, Designer: Dave Burke, Auckland, Printer: Southern Colour Print, Process: Lithography, Colours: Four process colours plus matt varnish and spot UV overgloss, Size:45.6mm 35mm (horizontal)


Issue Date: 10.08.2018, Designer: Atelier Design&etc / Hélder Soares, Printer: INCM, Process: Offset,  Size Stamp: 30,6 x 40 mm, Size M/S: 125 x 95 mm, Values: €0,91

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