Year of the Pig

The pig is the twelfth and last animal in the Chinese Zodiac. It symbolises good fortune, wealth and general prosperity. Issue Date: 25.01.2019, Designer: Maja Tomažič, Process: Offset, Colours: 4 Colours, Size: 42,60 x 29,82 mm

Greetings Stamp : St Valentine’s

It was not until the late 1980s that Valentine’s Day began to be celebrated in Slovenia in the way that it is celebrated in other countries. At that time no one thought to wonder whether any original traditions existed in our own cultural heritage that might have enriched this celebration and given it a different, regionally specific form of its own. Or at least different from the globalised version in which Valentine’s Day, as is often pointed out, has become a purely commercial enterprise. Within Slovene cultural heritage, the feast of St Valentine was originally an early spring holiday. It was also considered the first day of the mating season for birds (not all birds mate on the same day). On this day in early spring (14 February), children would go from house to house wishing the occupants a good harvest and asking whether anything was leftover from the “birds’ wedding feast”.

Issue Date: 25.01.2019, Designer: Janez Pukšič, Edi Berk, Printer: Royal Joh. Enschedé, Netherlands, Process: Offset, Colours: 4 Colours, Size: 44.00 x 44.00 mm

Architecture in Slovenia

The third in the series of stamps highlighting notable examples of architecture in Slovenia features a building in the historic style of the second half of the nineteenth century. The monumental edifice on Ljubljana’s Vegova Ulica was built between 1871 and 1874 to house a technical secondary school, the Oberrealschule, to a design by the Viennese architect Alexander Bellon, who in that period was producing standardised designs for state schools across Austria-Hungary. Construction was financed almost entirely by the Krainische Sparkasse (Carniolan Savings Bank)and was led by two Ljubljana master builders Francesco Faleschini Sr and Wilhelm Treo. The building was one of the first monumental edifices in the historic style to be built in Ljubljana and was followed by several others before the First World War. Today it houses the Upper Secondary School of Electrical and Computer Engineering and Technical Gymnasium Ljubljana.

Issue Date: 25.01.2019, Designer: Robert Žvokelj, DAK, Printer: Zagreb, Hrvaška • Croatia • Kroatien, Process: Offset, Colours: 4 Colours, Size: 29,82 x 42,60 mm

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