Ignatius Knoblecher

The missionary and explorer Ignatius Knoblecher wasborn in the little village of Škocjan (SE Slovenia) in 1819 and died in Naples in 1858. Even as a young man he yearned to become a missionary and in 1848 he set o to Khartoum, which had become the mission centre for the vast areas along the banks of the White and Blue Niles.

Issue Date: 25.01.2019, Designer: Ariana Noršić, Printer: Zagreb, Hrvaška • Croatia • Kroatien, Process: Offset, Colours: 4 Colours

Alma M. Karlin

Karlin spent the years 1919–1927 travelling around the world. Travelling alone, she journeyed continuously for eight years, surviving on what she was able to earn through her own work. The nature of her travels places her among the greatest travellers of all time. From Europe she travelled to Peru, thence to Panama, the USA and Hawaii, on to Japan and across Korea to China, and from there to Australia and New Zealand.

She then travelled to the Pacific Islands, Papua New Guinea, Indonesia (including Java and Sumatra), Thailand and India before eventually returning home to her native Celje. She earned money while travelling by teaching languages (she spoke ten), translating and writing newspaper articles.

During the 1930s she toured European capitals giving talks on the places she had visited, while the fame and success she had dreamed of as a young girl came with a trilogy of books about her travels published in Germany between 1929 and 1933. The first editions and later reprintings ran to more than 90,000 copies, although it is not currently known how many copies were sold in total. The numerous reprintings and new editions of her works are evidence that both experts and the general public are increasingly recognising the importance and value of her writings. Alma Karlin’s achievements far transcended her local and regional context and are indeed of European and even global significance.

Issue Date: 25.01.2019, Designer: Alma M. Karlin, Printer: Zagreb, Hrvaška • Croatia • Kroatien, Process: Offset, Colours: 4 Colours,  Size: 29,82 x 42,60 mm, Values: €0.63

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