The Government Flying Service

The Government Flying Service (GFS) is a disciplined service of the HKSAR Government backed by professional expertise and outstanding skills. The GFS provides flying services to the public and government bodies. Addressing the pressing needs of the public, the GFS rises to challenges and serves society with full dedication. Safety comes first for every trip and equal importance has been attached to efficiency and economic effectiveness. This set of stamps illustrates six major GFS operations. A stamp sheetlet from the same series showcases different aircraft models in the fleet to give the public a more complete picture of this aviation service.

Issue Date: 28.2.2019, Stamp Design: LEE Ying-chi

West Kowloon Cultural District : Xiqu Centre

The West Kowloon Cultural District on Hong Kong’s harbourfront ranks among the world’s biggest cultural projects. It enriches Hong Kong with a new landmark of our fascinating culture and provides a platform for interactive collaboration and development of local arts. The Xiqu Centre sits prominently in the eastern corner of the West Kowloon Cultural District. Its unique outlook blends traditional and contemporary elements to give Chinese opera a whole new image. It is also an ideal venue for a host of events, with a view to preserving and developing Chinese opera. This eye-catching stamp sheetlet presents the distinctive exterior and interior of the Xiqu Centre.

Issue Date: 19.3.2019, Stamp Design: Michael Miller YU

Centenary of Pok Oi Hospital

Guided by the motto “We Love, We Care, We Serve ”, Pok Oi Hospital has made tireless efforts to serve Hong Kong. It has also continued to diversify and expand hospital services through the years. Today, the extensive Pok Oi network encompasses all local districts across Hong Kong to meet the needs of people from all walks of life. To mark the centenary of Pok Oi Hospital, Hongkong Post is issuing a set of four commemorative stamps. The rich colours and dynamic strokes introduce us to the hospital’s four key service areas: Western and Chinese medicine, education, elderly care, and, family and youth services.

Issue Date: 2.4.2019, Stamp Design: Colin TILLYER

Our Police Force

Since its inception in 1844, the Hong Kong Police Force has always done its utmost to maintain social order and protect life and property. To help the public learn more about the unique attributes and extensive services of our distinguished police force, Hongkong Post will  launch a set of six stamps and a stamp sheetlet. Stamp lovers can see different areas of police duties presented in dynamic designs, including boundary security, crime investigation and detection, cultural diversity and equal opportunity, police training, international collaboration and traffic management.

Issue Date: 30.4.2019, Stamp Design: Jason CHUM

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