Scott Catalog News – By Charles Snee

Another month has passed, and that means it’s time to reveal another batch of new Scott catalog numbers.

The editors of the Scott catalogs each month assign catalog numbers to new issues from the United States, United Nations and postal services from around the world.

The new Scott numbers detailed here are for U.S. stamps issued during the past month. New Scott numbers for worldwide stamps are given in the Scott New Listings Update in the expanded monthly issue of Linn’s Stamp News.

Headlining this month’s new listings is the commemorative forever stamp honoring the bicentennial of the Flag Act of 1818, which is now Scott official with No. 5284. Scott 5298 has been assigned to the attractive O Beautiful pane of 20, while the new federal duck stamp is Scott RW85.

What do these Scott numbers signify? In short, these stamps’ place in upcoming editions of the 2019 Scott catalogs.

Having these numbers handy will allow you to easily locate these stamps in the catalogs and learn about their production and values.

Now that you have some context, here are the new U.S. Scott numbers:

United States

5284                             (50c) Flag Act of 1818, Bicent.

5285                             (50c) Frozen Treats – Green and yellow striped pop at left

5286                             (50c) Frozen Treats – Watermelon-seeded and striped pop at left

5287                             (50c) Frozen Treats – Twin pop at right

5288                             (50c) Frozen Treats – Bitten pop at left

5289                             (50c) Frozen Treats – Sprinkle-topped pops at left and right

5290                             (50c) Frozen Treats – Chocolate, vanilla and strawberry pop at left

5291                             (50c) Frozen Treats – Bitten pop at right

5292                             (50c) Frozen Treats – Sprinkle-topped pop at left

5293                             (50c) Frozen Treats – Chocolate pop at left

5294                             (50c) Frozen Treats – Sprinkle-topped pop at right

a.                                 Block of 10, #5285-5294

b.                                 Convertible booklet pane of 20, 2 each #5285-5294

5295                             $1 Head of Statue of Freedom

5296                             $2 Head of Statue of Freedom

5297                             $5 Head of Statue of Freedom

5298                             O Beautiful pane of 20

a.                                 (50c) Death Valley National Park

b.                                 (50c) Three Fingers Mountain, Washington

c.                                 (50c) Double Rainbow Over Kansas Field

d.                                 (50c) Great Smoky Mountains National Park

e.                                 (50c) Field of Wheat, Wisconsin

f.                                  (50c) Plowed Wheat Fields, Washington

g.                                 (50c) Grasslands Wildlife Management Area, California

h.                                 (50c) Field of Wheat, Montana

i.                                   (50c) Yosemite National Park

j.                                  (50c) Crater Lake National Park

k.                                 (50c) Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park

l.                                  (50c) Maroon Bells, Colorado

m.                                (50c) Sunrise Near Orinda, California

n.                                 (50c) Pigeon Point, Near Pescadero, California

o.                                 (50c) Edna Valley, California

p.                                 (50c) Livermore, California

q.                                 (50c) Napali Coast State Wilderness Park, Hawaii

r.                                  (50c) Lone Ranch Beach, Oregon

s.                                 (50c) Canaveral National Seashore, Florida

t.                                  (50c) Bailey Island, Maine

RW85                          $25 Mallards Hunting Permit Stamp, self-adhesive

b.                                 Souvenir sheet of 4

RW85A                       $25 Mallards Hunting Permit Stamp, self-adhesive, souvenir sheet of 1

All of the numbers appear in the Scott New Listings Update section of the Aug. 20, 2018, Linn’s Stamp News. For further information contact Martin J. Frankevicz.

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